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Writing Guidelines

Dear Writers!

Thanks so much for your interest in writing for the blog. Here’s a bit more about what we do:

What it is: Tales for the Mighty Writer offers information about books that will enrich children’s lives. In addition, we provide tools to help teachers, librarians and parents use children’s books in their classrooms, at story times and after school programs, and in the family’s activity time.

Who reads it: This blog is for teachers, librarians, homeschooling parents, after school program leaders, and authors and anyone else who is looking for a good book to share with young people! It’s designed to make their jobs easier.

When: We post every Wednesday.

If you’re interested in writing for us, yay! We are looking for two kinds of posts.

Post #1: If you are a teacher or librarian, we’d love your ideas for using books in the classroom and story hour with children. These posts are hands-on, idea-centered posts to help readers who do this every day. Your posts can focus on specific books or they can be a big-picture look at how to approach working with books and young people. For this type of post, send a pitch to me at: rochelle@writenowcoach.com along with your bio.

Post #2: If you are an author who’d like to share with us how your book can be used in a classroom or library setting, answer the questions below. (We aim for no more than 500-600 words.) Send it to me (rochelle@writenowcoach.com) along with your bio, a photo of you, and a jpeg of your book cover. Once I approve your post, I will schedule a publishing date!

Tell us about your book. What do you hope your young readers will take away from your book?

What are your book’s hooks for teachers, librarians, and community leaders?  Does your book fit with curriculum topics or community celebrations?

Can you share an exercise or activity that teachers can do with students after they’ve read your book?

What book(s) pair well with your book?